Hello, I'm Kersten. I'm a photographer, cosplayer, and an artist. I post things from DANGAN RONPA , Free, Attack On Titan, Homestuck, Uta No Prince-Sama, Puell Mahou Magica Madoka, Metal Gear Solid, Persona, Toradora, Anohana, Legend Of Korra, and other animes & videogames.

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    Here are the grayscales from Mandi’s Alpha Dave shoot. Her shoot was actually over, and was having a smoke by the window when the lovely Kersten saw an opportunity for some amazing shots and took it/them. Mandi didn’t even realize she was having another shoot until about 3 pictures in.

    look at these sexy fucking photos I took.


    Ayden’s singles from our closet Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared shoot!

    (Thanks to Kersten for the amazing pictures!)

    Some DHMIS photos I took! 


    Part one of Aquariumstuck!Feferi shots from Ramencon!

    SolFef Part 1


    look at these beautiful photos i took!